Can You Use Marbles in a Paintball Gun?

Can You Use Marbles in a Paintball Gun? It is one of the most asked questions of paintball players, so in this post, we will answer it in detail.

As we know that paintball is a fun sport to play. To shoot paintballs, paintball guns are used, which are also called markers; they are air-powered guns which use compressed air or gas to propel an object down the barrel and onto the target.

Even though paintball guns are used to fire paintballs, many players wonder if they can use marbles in the paintball guns to fire.

Above all, these guns are still used to fire, and it does not depend on what is inside the gun; preferably, it is more on the pressure of air that pushes the object inside.

So the answer to the question is yes, marbles can be used in paintball guns. But the question that arises from this is why it should be used.

In today’s post, you will learn that a paintball gun can fire marbles with the same accuracy as the paintballs. Also, you will know what other things can be used in the paintball gun to fire.

Should You Use a Marble in The Paintball Gun to Shot?

No, marbles should not be used in the paintball gun to fire because it is unsafe. Unlike paintballs that break upon collision, marbles on the other side maintain their firm shape when they strike your target. Therefore, it can harm someone or also cause them some serious injury.

A new question will come to your mind what if you are wearing protective gear? So the answer is still, No because it can still harm; even if the person you are trying to shoot is wearing protective gear, it will still hurt them because the marbles are made up of solid materials, so when it is struck with so much force it can even break the masks.

When a marble is used in the paintball gun, it becomes a weapon. This is why marbles should not be used in paintball guns. Also, using marbles in the paintball gun to shoot is considered assault.

Paintball Guns Are Not Made to Shoot Marbles

Paintball guns are not made to shoot marbles is another reason not to use marbles in paintball guns. The marble may fit in the barrel, yet it is difficult to find a suitable marble that can fit in paintball guns.

If you use a smaller marble when firing it, the air may escape by its sides, reducing the force that pushes the marble from the barrel. Its velocity will not be the same as paintballs.

If you use bigger marble, it will likely get stuck in the barrel of your gun. It won’t be easy to take the marble out. So you would have to buy a new gun which would be costly.

How Does a Paintball Gun Fire?

A paintball marker is considered a pneumatic gun which functions by air. The paintball gun works when the compressed air gets pushed into the barrel where the paintball is already seated.

Furthermore, the paintball is stored in a hopper which falls to the barrel just before the air pushes it out.

When the compressed air is released, it creates the force that pushes the paintball. Depending on the force applied, the paintball may hit the target or get stuck in the gun’s barrel.

Things You Can Shoot Out of a Paintball Gun?

If paintballs and marbles can be shot from a paintball gun, you can use other things similar in size and weight to shoot from a paintball gun.

Rocks and shells are a few examples of things that can be shot from a paintball gun, but these items are as solid and hard as marble, and they would not break on hitting a person.

Therefore, you should not use these items in your paintball gun, as by using these, you can be charged with assault if they hit a person.

Here are other options that are safe to use with a paintball gun:


Paintballs are the only thing made to be used in the paintball gun and should be used in the paintball marker for recreational play.

Paintballs are made so that they break when they hit a person. Moreover, the worst it can get if someone is hit with a paintball is a bruise, which can be prevented by wearing the right protective gear.

Water Balls

Water balls are simple balls that contain water inside. They are made from superabsorbent polymers.
Just like paintballs, the water balls shatter on hitting the target. They are used for practice in a paintball arena as well.

Pepper Balls

Pepper balls can be used as an alternative for paintball in a paintball marker, but the police mostly use them or can be used for self-defence.

Pepper balls are made up of the same chemicals used in pepper sprays; when the pepper balls come in contact with a person, the ball breaks and releases the chemical that irritates the person’s eyes or nose.

Pepper balls are dangerous to use. The police and the military use them as an alternative to pellets as they do not hurt much when hitting a person.

Is Owning a Paintball Gun Illegal?

No, owning a paintball gun is not illegal. But a few states set restrictions on who can buy the paintball gun and where you can use it.

In some states, it is allowed to sell paintball guns to non-minors. But in some states, gun use other than in the paintball arena is not allowed.

For the states like New Jersey and New York, paintball guns are considered weapons, so the sale of paintball guns has more requirements and restrictions.

Owning a paintball gun in the United States is not illegal. Each state has its own rules as regards its use.


Marble can be used in a paintball gun, but you should not use it because by using marble in your paintball gun, you turn it into a weapon as marbles hurt and cause injury to the person who is shot.

Also, marbles can damage your paintball gun, and you have to buy a new one which will cost you. So it would be best if you used paintball or water balls as an alternative.