How To Choose A Paintball Hopper?

A good paintball hopper can help you take down opponents quickly and efficiently, while a bad one will get in your way during matches and hinder your performance on the field.

It is essential to research what makes a good hopper before buying one because they come in many different shapes and sizes, with additional features that can be beneficial depending on what type of player you are.

In this article, we will cover all aspects of choosing the correct paintball loader for your playing style and needs:

How To Choose A Paintball Hopper?

When choosing the correct paintball loader, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, how many people will you be playing against?

If you’re a casual recreational player or part of a small group, your needs will likely be different than those of someone who competes in tournaments or significant leagues.

A second major factor is what type of gun you’re using. For example: if a hopper is too big for your paintball marker’s feed neck (the part that connects the hopper to the gun), it won’t fit properly and could cause jams or other malfunctions during play!

You’ll want to ensure that the size of your loader fits your style of play and any specific equipment requirements set by league organizers.

Additionally – but perhaps most importantly – pay attention to how many balls each loader can hold before needing refills; some models hold up to 200 paintballs, while others only hold 50 rounds at once!

You may want something smaller if this isn’t worth stressing over while playing; just one quick refill between games should do it!

Paintball Hopper

Level of Competition

When looking for a new hopper, you must consider how much paint you will be shooting and what level of competition you want to play at. Paintball guns can shoot from 7-13 balls per second (bps), depending on the model.

If you are playing in an open-field scenario or recreational games, a lower fire rate may be acceptable. However, if you plan on competing at higher levels, such as woodsball tournaments where speed is vital, then having a high bps will give your team an edge over others.

The paintball player takes aim, hides, and shooting. Men wearing protective equipment (woodsball tournaments).

The Hopper Needs To Fit Your Gun

Choosing a suitable paintball hopper is crucial because it needs to be the right size and fit your gun while being durable, comfortable to use, and affordable.

If you are new to paintball, then this might not seem like something important, but in fact, it is. If you have a smaller barrel or a short-range gun, you will need a lighter-weight hopper that is easy and comfortable to carry around.

On second thought, if you have a long-range gun and want more shots per second, then having an adjustable weight hopper might be better for you as they can hold more paintballs before needing refills or reloading them into another container!

How Many Paintballs Will it Hold?

How many paintballs it will hold depends on the size of the hopper. The bigger the hopper, the more paintballs it will fit. This is a simple concept: The larger the area that holds paintballs, the more you can pile into one place.

The smaller your hopper is, and/or if you don’t have a good seal around it, you’ll find yourself often refilling as they spill out while moving around during games and tournaments.

The thing to remember here is that some players prefer smaller loaders because they’re easier to carry around; others prefer larger ones so that they can get through an entire day without having to reload their gun multiple times during playtime (and there’s nothing worse than being caught carrying an empty gun).

The Weight Of The Hopper

The weight of the hopper is essential. A heavier hopper can negatively affect your performance and comfort level. Getting tired from holding a heavy hopper for too long can be a game-changer.

Let’s say you have two players who both use similar guns, but one has an extra-large capacity loader on their gun, while the other uses a smaller capacity loader.

The lighter player will most likely be able to outshoot his opponent because he doesn’t have to hold up as much weight with each shot (and, thus, doesn’t get tired as quickly).

The Hopper Size

The hopper size is measured in paintballs, capacity, milliliters, cubic inches, and centimeters. The most common way to measure a paintball hopper is by the number of paintballs it can hold.

This number will usually be between 80 and 200 balls. However, there are also lower and more effective fire rates for some models.

The capacity of the hopper refers to how many cartridges it can contain at once. A total capacity means that you have all your ammo ready to go at any time, so you don’t waste time reloading in the middle of an important game!


There are some things to think about when choosing a paintball hopper:

  • How does the hopper look? Does it fit your gun and style?
  • How do you like the feel of it in your hand? Is it comfortable to hold while you’re playing, or does it feel awkward and bulky?
  • What does it look like when you’re playing? Will other players be able to see what kind of hopper they’ve got with ease, so they can take away some of their advantages by knowing which ones are faster or slower than others before they fire at them?

Comfortable To Use

For a paintball hopper to be comfortable, it must be easy to load and unload. You want your hopper to be light enough that you are not fatigued after playing for a few hours.

A hopper should also have an ergonomic design so that it feels natural in your hands when holding it and carrying it around.

Easy To Carry

This goes along with “comfortable.” It is essential for your paintball equipment accessories not only to feel good on the field but also off of it as well.

The best way to make sure this happens is by choosing something that feels balanced in your hand while still being lightweight enough that you can carry it without getting tired or hurting yourself while getting from points A (the field) and B (home).

This means having some kind of strap system attached which will keep the loader strapped onto one side of your body, usually over one shoulder, using either strap around both shoulders or just one strap going across one shoulder like an AK-47 would typically do on screen (minus all those bullets).


Durability is an essential factor to consider when choosing a paintball hopper. You’ll want one that can withstand a lot of wear and tear without breaking down or falling apart.

If you’re purchasing a new paintball marker, it’s also essential to ensure that the parts are compatible and designed specifically for that model.

For example, if you’re using an entry-level Tippmann marker, you wouldn’t want all of your accessories from another manufacturer because they might not fit correctly or function as intended.

When looking for durable paintball hoppers, there are several things you should look out for:

  • Check if there are any plastic parts on the outside of the body or inside the chamber that could break off easily
  • Look at how many times it can be opened and closed before anything breaks off (it should be able to open/close at least 200 times before needing maintenance)

A Good Warranty

You should also look for a good warranty. A good warranty protects you if something goes wrong with your paintball hopper, the motor or something else.

Warranties are generally a sign of quality since companies only offer them if they are confident in their product and its longevity.

And you can use warranties to get free replacement parts, repairs, and/or replacements, which means that you won’t need to spend any additional money on these repairs or replacements (except shipping costs).

An Affordable Price

In terms of price, hoppers range from $30 to $200. The higher the price, the better quality you can expect and the more durable product you’ll get.

Cheaper hoppers are less stable and more likely to break down over time. They’re also slower than their high-end counterparts, so your paintballs won’t be shot in a consistent stream like they would from an expensive model.

Hopper features are another reason one option may be more appropriate than another for your needs.

For example: If you want one that allows you to shoot semi-auto bursts without having to manually reload every time (which is highly convenient), then your purchase must include this feature as well as others like multiple speed settings or an adjustable feed rate control knob.

What does an electric hopper do in paintball?

The hopper is the part of a paintball marker that feeds paintballs into the gun. It’s called a loader or sometimes just a hopper.

The hopper can be powered by air pressure or electricity and is often referred to as simply “the loader” when it’s powered by air pressure.

  • Air-powered loaders are popular with recreational and entry-level players because they’re easy to use and inexpensive. Still, they can only hold so many balls at once—usually around 250 (or fewer if you have an electronic one).
  • Electric loaders are more expensive than their air-powered counterparts, but they have more capacity: about 500 rounds per magazine for high-end models like those made by Dye or Planet Eclipse; 300 for cheaper models like those from Tippmann.

How many shots does the paintball hopper have?

The number of paintballs a hopper can hold depends on the size and shape of your paintball gun. Smaller pistols may only need 10-20 shots, while larger sniper rifles can hold up to 100 or more paintballs at once.

How quickly you can shoot depends on how fast you reload with your hopper. You can also attach multiple hoppers if one doesn’t have enough room for all the paintballs you want to use during a game!

The weight of a hopper also varies by size—the bigger it is, the heavier it will be overall. The type of material used in making a particular brand may also lead to differences in weight (carbon fiber is usually lighter than metal).

If you get caught carrying around too much weight for your liking when running around playing games outside during summertime heat waves, consider getting smaller models so they don’t weigh down onto shoulders too much when running around trying not to get hit by other players who might try steal away their glory!

How do you install a paintball hopper?

You can install the hopper on a paintball marker using one of two methods:

  • The most common way is to attach it directly to the bottom of your paintball gun. But this method is not always an option, as some markers have no space for a hopper to fit in between the grip and magazine tube.
  • Another option is to use a Universal Paintball Harness/Paintball Harness Adapter and mount it onto your gear bag or belt, then connect it with your specific model’s harness adapter that comes with every purchase from us here at Gunfire Paintballs!

How do paintball loaders work?

Paintball loaders are a device that holds paintballs and feeds them into the marker. The loader attaches to the marker and is powered by batteries.

It can be used in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes; some hoppers also allow for the manual loading of individual shots.


A paintball hopper is a must for every player. It will help you win the game by allowing you to reload your gun faster and also give you a better chance of hitting your target.

The best paintball hoppers have several qualities, such as being durable, having a high rate of fire, and being lightweight and easy to use.

You should choose one that fits your level of competition, so if you’re playing in tournaments, then go with something more expensive but if not, then get something cheaper that still works well enough!