Why do Paintballs Fall Out of The Barrel?

Why do Paintballs Fall Out of The Barrel? If you’re a paintball enthusiast, you undoubtedly know the frustration of having your paintballs fall out of your barrel mid-game.

It’s a common issue that can be incredibly inconvenient and disruptive to your game. So, why does it happen?

In this article, we’ll dive into some possible causes for paintballs falling out of the barrel and provide tips on preventing it from happening in the future. Read on to learn more about why this is such an annoying issue and what you can do to fix it!

Why Do Paintballs Fall Out of The Barrel?

One of the most common problems paintball gun owners face are paintballs falling out of their barrels. There are a few reasons this may happen, but the most common one is that the paintballs are not seated correctly in the barrel.

If the paintballs are not seated correctly, they can move around inside the barrel and eventually fall out.

Another reason paintballs may fall out of your barrel is if something is blocking the path of the paintball. This could be a piece of debris or a build-up of paint on the inside of the barrel.

Finally, if your paintball gun is not properly lubricated, the friction between the paintballs and the barrel can cause them to break apart and fall out.

Ball Detent Defect

If your paintballs fall out of your barrel, it’s likely due to a ball detent defect. The ball detent is a small, spring-loaded cylinder that sits in front of the breech and holds the paintball in place.

When the trigger is pulled, the ball detent opens, allowing the paintball to fall into the breech. If the ball detent is damaged or defective, it may not open properly, causing the paintball to drop out of the barrel.

There are a few ways to test whether or not your ball detent is defective. First, try dry firing your marker with no paintballs in the chamber.

If the ball detent opens and closes as it should, then it’s not likely that there’s an issue with the detent itself.

However, if the ball detent doesn’t open when you dry fire, then there may be an issue that needs to be addressed.

Another way to test your ball detent is to put a small amount of air in your marker (enough to cock the hammer but not enough to fire a paintball) and then try to push a paintball through the barrel.

If the ball gets caught by the ball detent and won’t pass through, it will likely be functioning correctly. However, if the ball passes through quickly, there may be an issue with the detent that must be addressed.

Too Small Paintballs

If your paintballs are too small, they may not be able to seal properly in the barrel and may fall out. This can cause you to miss your target or even harm yourself if the paintball hits you in an unprotected area. Always use the correct size paintballs for your barrel to avoid this problem.

Why Are My Paintballs Exploding in the Barrel?

When paintballs explode in the barrel, it is usually because of a paintball that has broken inside the marker. When this happens, bits of paint and oil can be forced into the air system and cause all sorts of problems.

In extreme cases, an exploding paintball can rupture the diaphragm in your marker and cause it to stop working entirely.

Some things can cause a paintball to break inside the marker:

  • The most common cause is using a paintball that is too old or has been damaged. Paintballs are made with a shell designed to break on impact, but over time they can become dried out and brittle.
  • If you are using an old batch of paintballs, or ones that have been dropped or otherwise damaged, they are more likely to break inside the marker.
  • Another common cause of exploding paintballs is using a too-powerful spring in your marker. If the spring is too strong, it can break the fragile shell of the paintball before it even leaves the barrel.
  • This can also occur if you use too much pressure to cock your marker; always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cocking pressure.
  • Finally, some markers are just more prone to breaking paintballs than others. Some models have barrels with very tight tolerances that don’t give the ball much room to move; if a ball breaks inside one of these barrels, there’s nowhere for the pieces to go.

PaintBalls Gone Bad

Paintballs are round and made of gelatin, which makes them fragile. If stored or mishandled, they can break and fall out of the barrel. Here are some common causes of paintballs going rancid:

  1. Poor storage: Paintballs should be stored in a cool, dry place. They can melt and fall out of the barrel if exposed to heat or humidity.
  2. Rough handling: Paintballs can be easily damaged if dropped or thrown around. Always handle them with care to avoid breaking them.
  3. Old age: Paintballs have a shelf life of about two years. After that, they can deteriorate and fall out of the barrel.

If you notice your paintballs falling out of the barrel, check to see if there’s anything wrong with them. If they’re too old or have been damaged, it’s best to get rid of them and buy new ones.

Broken Barrel

There are a few reasons paintballs may fall out of your barrel while you’re playing. The first is if your paintballs are old or damaged.

If they’ve been sitting in a hot car or in direct sunlight, they can become soft and fall out of the barrel.

Another reason is if your marker’s O-rings are damaged or need to be replaced. These O-rings create a seal between the barrel and the marker, so paintballs can leak out if they’re not working correctly.

Finally, if your marker isn’t tuned correctly, the air pressure inside it can cause paintballs to break and fall out of the barrel.

If you’re having this problem, the first thing you should do is check your paintballs. If they’re old or damaged, it’s time to get new ones.

Next, look at your marker’s O-rings and see if they need to be replaced. You can usually find replacement O-rings at your local sporting goods store.

Finally, ensure your marker is tuned correctly so the air pressure inside it is balanced.

Broken Breech

When a paintball breaks inside your paintball gun’s barrel, it’s called a “broken breech.” There are some reasons why this might happen:

  1. Your paintballs are old or have been exposed to extreme temperatures. Paintballs can dry out and become brittle over time, which makes them more likely to break when fired. If you’ve been storing your paintballs in a hot car or direct sunlight, they may also be more likely to break.
  2. You’re using a barrel too small for the paintballs you’re shooting. If the diameter of your barrel is too small, the paintballs will be under too much pressure when fired and are more likely to break.
  3. You’re using too much force when loading your paintball gun. Be careful not to drop or throw your gun when loading it, as this could cause the paintballs to break inside the barrel.
  4. You have an obstruction in your barrel. If something is blocking the path of the paintball (like a piece of dirt or debris), it could cause the paintball to break when fired. Always clean your barrel before use to avoid this issue.

Chopping Ball

Paintballs may fall out of your barrel for a variety of reasons. The most common cause is that the paintball needs to be correctly seated in the chamber.

If the paintball is not correctly seated, it will not be able to make a good seal with the o-ring and will eventually fall out.

Another common reason paintballs fall out of your barrel is if something obstructs the paintball’s path. This could be a piece of dirt, debris in the barrel, or even a damaged paintball.

If there is an obstruction in the barrel, the paintball will not be able to travel down it smoothly and eventually fall out.

Finally, if your gun’s internals is dirty or damaged, this can also cause paintballs to fall out of your barrel.

Dirty or damaged internals can cause friction which can break up a paintball or cause it to become misshapen, both of which can lead to the paintball falling out of your barrel.

What Does a Ball Detent Do in My Paintball Gun?

A ball detent is a small, spring-loaded device that holds a paintball in place inside a paintball gun’s breech (barrel).

When the gun is fired, the force of the expanding gas propels the paintball forward, and the ball detent prevents it from falling out of the barrel.

Ball detents are an essential safety feature on paintball guns. If a paintball were to fall out of the barrel while the gun was being fired, it could hit another player or spectator and cause serious injury.

Ball detents also help to keep your paintballs from rolling out of your barrel when you are not using your gun, which can waste valuable Paintballs.


Some issues could happen to a paintball gun; the best way to deal with such problems is to know your gun.

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