Will a Paintball Gun Dent a Car?

Will a Paintball Gun Dent a Car? It is a question of many paintball players, so in today’s post, we will answer it since paintballs are made so that they break upon impact and are mostly not strong enough to penetrate the car surfaces.

If the paintballs are fired at high speed and hit the car with more force, they could cause minor dents or chips in the paint. The paintballs can leave paint shatters on impact with a car.

It is not a good idea to fire shot paintballs at a car, as they can cause damage to the car and are illegal in some places.

Will a Paintball Gun Dent a Car?

Do you mean the non-toxic, organic slime of dye enclosed in gelatine? No, they are harmless colorful balls fired out of a gun with a muzzle velocity of 300 ft per second.

However, there are some factors to consider when determining if a paintball marker can dent a car. The factors invloves:

  • The proximity
  • The car’s build quality

A paintball loaded into a marker with excellent durability with adequately high PSI, if shot within proximity, can leave a dent in the car. The dents on the car by paintballs are unintentional.

Paintball Gun Dent a Car

What Damage Can a Paintball Gun Do?

If you have parked your car far away from the playing field, there is no cause for the paint to reach your car or damage it.

But if your car is near the paintball field and you are wondering if the paintball hit your car will it cause any dent to it or not?

So let us clear that it depends on your gun; the markers shot with HPA tanks have high PSI that might reach your car, like the First Strike Hero 2. But what most long-range markers can do will give your vehicle a touch of color.

Guns like Tippmann A-5.68 Caliber can shoot at a close range. This gun with low-quality paintballs can dent an average car because these low-quality paintballs don’t shatter on contact with the surface.

Point to Remember:

Remember that High PSI tanks with high muzzle velocity markers or low-quality paintballs can damage your car if shot from a close range.

How Do I Get Paintball Off My Car?

Paintball paint can be washed off cars, but it’s a time taking process and more challenging than it sounds. You will require a combination of mineral spirits, lacquer, and dish soap or Dawn.

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To wash the car’s paint, you will require different types of chemicals, but if they are not accessible, you can use a pressure washer; if this doesn’t work, use paint thinner or dish wash or Dawn to remove paint from the car.

You can learn more about removing paint from your car in detail by clicking here.

Does Paintball Paint Wash Off?

Yes. Paintball paint can be washed off most surfaces using water and soap. The paintballs are water-soluble and can be cleaned easily from clothes and the skin by washing them with soap and warm water.

The paint mainly stains some surfaces like fabric or carpet, but paint can be removed with stain removers. Also, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidance for cleaning your equipment and your gear’s paint.


Paintballs can damage a car but probably will not cause any severe damage. We hope that this post has cleared up most of your questions and cleared most of the things for you.