How To Clean Paintball Gun?—Tips To Clean Paintball Gun

How To Clean Paintball Gun? This is the most asked question of the paintball players so in this we will provide answer to this question. Cleaning a paintball gun is a skill that every player should know.

While it’s not the most exciting part of playing, it’s the difference between having a clean, working marker that shoots accurately or having one with grime and dirt in all its moving parts.

Clean Paintball Gun

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about cleaning your paintball gun properly so that your next game will go off without a hitch!

Degas the Paintball Gun

The first step is to remove the CO2 tank from your paintball gun. To do this, unscrew its cap and pull it off the gun. It will be obvious which end goes where because the regulator valve should be on top of the canister and has a different shape than the bottom portion (which has no regulator).

If you don’t know how to remove it from your particular model, read the manufacturer’s specifications or call them directly at their toll-free number on their website.

Next, remove your paintball loader and barrel by unscrewing each screw that holds them in place using an Allen wrench (also referred to as a hex key). The screws are usually located near where they attach to parts like magazines or hoppers;

However, manufacturers may have them positioned differently depending on what kind of components they use internally, so look closely at any documentation provided before attempting any disassembly process yourself!

Remove the Barrel

You’ll need to use a paintball gun or other tool to remove the barrel. Make sure you don’t lose the o-ring between the top of your paintball gun and your barrel.

You can also use an Allen wrench if you have one handy. If not, simply look for something long and thin that can fit through the gap where the barrel screws into place to help pry it off.

When removing your paintball gun from its packaging, be aware of all parts involved, including any tools or accessories and their respective uses.

Cleaning the Barrel

To clean the barrel, use a cleaning rod and brush to remove dirt and oil. You can also use a degreaser to remove gunk.

To do this, insert your cleaning rod into the barrel of your paintball marker. Run it through until you can feel its tip come out on the other side of the marker. You mustn’t force anything in or out of any part of your marker, as doing so could cause damage or injury!

Cleaning the Hopper

  • Remove the hopper from your paintball gun. If it’s still attached to the marker’s barrel, you might have to loosen a set of screws with a small screwdriver.
  • Clean the inside of your hopper with a brush or cloth. Make sure not to lose any parts while you’re cleaning—this is easier if they’re not covered in paint!
  • Reassemble your hopper, insert it into its slot on the paintball gun, and then tighten down all screws as needed. You’re done!

Take Apart the Paintball Gun

Now that you’ve disassembled the paintball gun, it’s time to clean the different parts. A good cleaning can significantly affect how well your paintball gun performs and how long it lasts.

The first part you’ll want to clean is the barrel, which is where paintballs are shot from when fired. The barrel should be cleaned since it will accumulate residue after each game (or even during games), so don’t forget this step!

Next are the bolt guide and bolt guide pin (aka “bolt”). The bolt guide keeps everything lined up properly so that each shot fires correctly; if either of these gets dirty or damaged, they may cause problems with your shooting accuracy when using your paintball gun again later on down the road!

Clean the Internals of the Marker

Once you’ve cleaned the outside of your marker, it’s time to move on to the insides. The following steps will help you clean all of the internal components:

  • Lube your bolt with a light oil (like WD-40) and replace the bolt.
  • Clean the firing pin housing with an air compressor or compressed air canister. Make sure to blow out any excess dirt from inside of it as well. If you don’t have access to these items, use a toothbrush and some denatured alcohol instead!
  • Clean out both sides of your hammer using an old toothbrush and denatured alcohol (or compressed air if you’re impatient). You want this part as clean as possible, so there are no obstructions when cocking back your marker for firing; otherwise, it could jam up during playtime!

Add Lube and Grease Where Needed

Now that your marker is cleaned and reassembled, it’s time to lubricate the O-rings. First, remove the bolt and slide out the two o-rings housed inside it. Next, use a bit of silicone grease before replacing them in their respective spots.

Once you have done this, it’s time to lube all other moving parts with a drop or two of lubricant oil, such as WD-40 or Tri-Flow (pictured below). You should also put lube between each barrel segment for optimal performance during gameplay.

Next up: greasing up anything made from metal so that they don’t lock up over time—this includes both screws as well as other small parts like springs and valve stem seals which may be stiff after cleaning them off but still require more attention than just wiping them down with alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol dipped cotton balls can provide!

Put Your Paintball Gun Back Together

Now that you’ve disassembled and cleaned your paintball gun, it’s time to put it back together. This is a simple process of ensuring all the parts are cleaned before reassembling them.

First, wipe down the barrel with an alcohol-soaked cloth to remove any remaining paint residue. Then, dry off the barrel with another clean cloth.

You want to ensure that it’s scorched before reassembling so that moisture doesn’t get trapped inside your marker during use and cause damage or malfunction when firing balls at higher rates than average!

Second, put all the bolts back on in their proper order (ensure they’re not cross-threaded). Thirdly—and this is very important—make sure that each part goes back into its correct place and that no pieces are left behind!

Clean the External the Marker

  • You will need to use a soft cloth to wipe the marker’s external parts with no impact. You must not use any damp cloth or wet brush to clean your paintball gun, as this can damage the markers’ internal parts.
  • If you are using a dry cloth, you should use a soft one only and avoid using rough materials like paper towels or sandpaper as they will scratch the outer shell of your marker, which may cause damage in future if used regularly on your outer marker shell.

Should I clean my paintball gun?

Yes, you should clean your paintball gun. It will help keep it in good condition and prevent malfunctions.

Using almost any solvent to clean a paintball gun, including isopropyl alcohol and acetone. The best solvent to use depends on what type of paintball gun you are using.

For example, if you use an electronic marker with a solenoid valve system, do not use anything containing petroleum distillates (such as mineral spirits) to clean it because this could damage the parts over time.

How do you deep clean a paintball gun?

Once you have disassembled your paintball marker, it’s time to start cleaning.

  • Clean the barrel of your paintball gun: Using a brush or toothbrush, loosen any stubborn dirt or grime that might be in there. If you’re using a brush, make sure you use one made specifically for cleaning paintball guns to avoid harming anything inside.
  • Clean the hopper of your paintball gun: If you’re going to be shooting a lot and don’t want to reload constantly, then clean out your hopper after every few times you play. If not, then just give it a quick wipe-down with some soap and water once in a while.
  • Take apart your paintball gun if necessary: Some markers require disassembly before they can be adequately cleaned—especially if detachable parts like barrels or springs need special attention (i.e., oiling). If this is true for yours, note how each part goes back together so that reassembling it doesn’t become an even bigger headache later on!

How do you maintain a paintball gun?

To maintain the paintball gun, you should clean it after every game. Many people do not know this, but keeping your paintball gun clean is essential in maintaining it. It will help keep your paintball gun working correctly and looking good for a long time.

You should also lubricate your paintball gun regularly and maintain it well so it lasts longer and works better.

Should I oil my paintball gun?

Yes! Keeping your paintball gun oiled is key to ensuring that it continues to function smoothly and will not get dirty or rust.

Oil is also essential for keeping your paintball gun clean. By regularly oiling parts of the gun that might otherwise become grimy, you can avoid having your gear look like many other players—who may have neglected this part of maintenance.

If you want to know more about lubricating your paintball gun and if you use gun oil on a paintball gun, Click here to visit our post, where you will know more about how to oil your gun in detail.


We hope this guide helped you learn about cleaning a paintball gun. You now know the best way to clean your marker and some maintenance tips for keeping it in good condition. If you have any questions or comments, please share them below!